Student choices

Student choices

Rich and diverse paths of study

Our students leave École Jeannine Manuel fluent in at least two languages and having experienced living and working in a truly international environment. They go on to take diverse and unique paths of study, with almost all of them going on to obtain degrees in several different countries.

Student destinations (by country)



Photo de David Gogel, ancien élève de l'école

David Gogel, Class of 2008

The challenge of learning new languages through interactions with people of diverse backgrounds have imbued many of my personal and academic decisions.

Diane Audras, Promotion 2017

My time at École Jeannine Manuel helped me feed my passion for entrepreneurship, which led me to create my own non-profit while at university

Photo de Teymour Shahabi, ancien élève de l'école de Paris

Teymour Shahabi, Class of 2002

My two favorite subjects at school were Math and Literature. Fast forward to today, and I have a double life in quantitative finance and as a novelist

Paths of study in France

Photo des alumni à l'École Jeannine Manuel de Paris

Our Alumni

20,000 alumni have spent part or all of their school years at Ecole Jeannine Manuel. Wherever they are, they continue to share the same values of open-mindedness, solidarity, and curiosity.