Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities

Beyond the classroom

We believe that learning goes beyond the classroom. The school offers many extracurricular activities for both primary and secondary school students. Our afterschool program caters to our younger students, while our Sports & Cultural Association helps our older students pursue their passions outside of class.

Extracurriculars for primary school

The School offers many extra-curricular activities within the Afterschool program (Monday to Friday) and the Sports Association (Wednesday).

The Afterschool program is for students from MS to CM2 and offers activities such as chess, theatre, yoga, dance, painting, writing and reflection workshops (heroes, history, journalism), cooking, multi-sports, digital art, coding, robotics, taekwondo…

For all questions related to Afterschool activities for the Paris campus, contact us at afterschool@ejm.net.

On Wednesdays, the Sports Association in Paris offers football to CM1/CM2, and climbing to CM2. Contact: as@ejm.net.

Afterschool 2022/23 - Semester 1 (Paris campus)

Registrations are now open!
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Contact (Paris campus): 

Questions about the programme and calendar: afterschool@ejm.net

Questions about your Eduka account: support.eduka@ejm.net

Extracurricular activities for secondary school

At the secondary level, many extracurricular activities are organized by the school’s Sports & Cultural Association. These include coding, theater, yoga, photography, hip-hop, jazz dance, robotics, as well as sports (basketball, football, rock climbing, etc.). The range of activities is adjusted every year based on student choices and suggestions. In addition to these, the school has a vibrant Chess Club and a successful Debate Club that prepares teams for the Harvard Model United Nations or Harvard Model Congress Europe tournaments.

Contacts (Paris campus):

Chess clubs (Paris campus)

As the chess clubs are affiliated to the French Chess Federation, students have a licence for the duration of the school year.


The Collège chess club meets every Tuesday at 5.15pm, under the supervision of Olivier Renet (International Grandmaster).

Students are encouraged to participate in individual tournaments and take part in the annual academic team tournament with the school.

Registration takes place in September. More information to come.
Contact: as@ejm.net


The Lycée chess club is run by the students themselves, with the assistance of Olivier Renet.

Deux élèves de terminale en train de discuter dans un espace commun de l'école de Lille

Student committees

At Ecole Jeannine Manuel, our students take an active role in school life and contribute in a significant way to the school community as a whole.