Admissions: Interviews and playdates for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade in Paris

Interviews and playdates

Familles based in France

For Paris-based candidates, a 30 minute appointment is scheduled with the Director of Admissions or a member of the senior leadership team. We request that both parents (even when separated) come to this meeting. The meeting phase is waived for repeat applicants who were interviewed last year. Candidates are invited to participate in playdates, i.e. teacher-supervised educational activities in small groups.

Families based abroad

Appointments are available at certain times in London and in New York. If you live in or can visit these cities conveniently, we will set up an appointment there. We also schedule phone, Skype, or Zoom interviews for families who cannot visit Paris, London or New York. Applying children will be invited to take part in age-appropriate educational activities in London and New York or via video-conferencing.

What are the admissions criteria?

Applicants are accepted on the basis of their academic profile, their ability to cope with the academic challenge of an enriched bilingual curriculum and their contribution to the School’s cultural diversity.

Successful applicants will have met our academic entry requirements. They will also, depending on their level of entry, have demonstrated ability and/or interest in co-curricular areas, and excellence of character. Our admissions process is designed to identify students who are able to benefit from our education and to make a positive contribution towards the life of the School.

The parents of successful candidates will be internationally minded families who embrace the School’s mission statement and are deeply invested in the education and wellbeing of their children.

To find out more, see our FAQ.

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