Antony Blinken ('80) nominated Secretary of State

Antony Blinken ('80) nominated Secretary of State

Congratulations Mr. Blinken!

We are very proud of our alumnus, Antony Blinken, Class of 1980, who has been nominated to serve as Secretary of State in President-elect Joe Biden’s administration. We had the honor of welcoming him for a visit at his former school five years ago. Congratulations Mr. Blinken!

Antony Blinken's statement at UNESCO

After his visit to École Jeannine Manuel on November 6 2015, Mr. Blinken gave the following speech at UNESCO headquarters, paying tribute to our founder Jeannine Manuel’s values of open-mindedness and multiculturalism.

Photo de la venue d'Antony Blinken à l'École Jeannine Manuel de Paris

“Mr. Blinken has been at Mr. Biden’s side for nearly 20 years, including as his top aide on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and later as his national security adviser when he was vice president.”