Shijia & école Jeannine Manuel : 5 years

On October 2nd 2018, École Jeannine Manuel renewed its partnership with Shijia Primary School in Beijing. Begun in 2012, these partnerships serve the school’s mission of international understanding by fostering exchanges between the students of the two establishments, including visits and Skype conversations. The renewal of the partnership was presided by Elisabeth Zéboulon, Directrice Générale de l’Ecole, and Hong Wei, Deputy Director of Shijia.

In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the partnerships, the school welcomed students from the 6th-grade class of Shijia. After some remarks by Madame Zéboulon, the morning continued with a musical show in the Théâtre Annenberg, with songs in French and English performed by students from the 6ème and 5ème against a backdrop of footage taken during school trips. The Shijia students then responded in kind with a patriotic hymn in Chinese, “In the Glorious Sun,” followed by another song in Chinese, “Where is the Spring,” sung together by all the students.