Simon Kasha program

Nurturing the talents of gifted students

Photo d'une activité du programme Simon Kasha pour élèves surdoués

The Simon Kasha program has had another highly successful year at École Jeannine Manuel! Established in 2015 in memory of Simon Kasha, this program is dedicated to nurturing the talents of gifted students at École Jeannine Manuel through specialized classes and activities. These students have the unique opportunity to participate in workshops on topics such as microbiology, design-thinking and inventing, cognitive science, and other challenging themes. In addition, the program organises numerous site visits and meetings with researchers at Institut Pasteur, Jussieu, and ENS.

“Four years after its creation, we have already witnessed the multiple benefits of the Simon Kasha program and we are thrilled to contribute to the positive development and success of these gifted children. We are grateful to the Kasha family for their generosity which allows us to plan for this program in the long term”, Elisabeth Zéboulon, Directrice Générale, said.
The program will continue in the 2019-2020 school year with new workshops and learning opportunities for these students.